A lot of people have different perceptions to what Amsterdam means to them. For a lot of people it’s a place to go and get very drunk and make bad decisions. But it is so much more then just a place to embellish in a varied amount of drugs.

It has a wonderful amount of history, both modern and ancient. From the van Gogh museum to Anne Frank’s house. To the building that leaned at ridiculous angles

There is also the Heineken musuem if beer is your thing

But my favorite part was a 20minute train ride outside of the city. Where you could rent bikes and ride around the classic Dutch dykes 

Here, windmills reigned supreme, cottages dotted the river banks and you could even see how cloggs where made

So to conclude. Amsterdam is so much more then just a large night club, exploring the city is easy and definitely something that you should do, even if you are hungover


3 thoughts on “Amsterdam 

  1. There is actually so much history in Amsterdam. I went when I was younger with my parents and I got to see the city for more than their red light district and legal drug laws and I’m really glad I did!


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