I have travelled to some amazing countries, but Iceland holds a very special spot in my heart. It has everything an adventurer needs. Dramatic changing landscapes, beautiful people and amazing seafood.

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik, perched on the coast in the south western corner of Iceland, it accounts for almost 60% of Icelands population. The town center is small and easily walkable, while if you are staying outside of the city. Buses are constantly operating, make sure you have the correct money though as the driver’s don’t carry any change.

The heart of the city is where Reykjaviks magic happens. The highest point and most prominent feature is that of a very unusually shaped church

And yes, that is a Viking standing at the front of the church. Other key buildings are the opera house, whose Windows resemble that of a fishes scales as well as the skeleton of a Viking ship

Not to mention that the harbour is incredibly beautiful, clean and offers views of the surrounding mountains on the north side

Reykjavik also holds the transportation links to the rest of the island, so if you need to start a hike like we did (and I’ll write about this in due course) or if you’re renting a car and circling the country. Then Reykjavik is really your only port or call. But hey, it’s a pretty awesome place to base yourself for some epic adventures, like the golden circle, whale watching, blue lagoon, volcano climbing and so many more


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