After one of the coolest bus ride ever, which involved the bus driving off road for two hours with a bus that had twelve one metre round wheels we finally arrived at the start of the hike. Before we undertook our adventure, we decided to have a warm meal from a bus that had been converted into a cafe. Knowing this would be our last warm food for a few days we made the most of it, talked about the next few days with nervous anticipation and then flung our rucksacks on and we were off.

We ventured off with a few people who where all chatting and talking about the adventure, everyone was excited about this grand adventure we had started, a few people cracked jokes, but after 200m we encountered the first steep ascent and the conversation soon stopped as everyone began to labour upwards.

That seemed to be the course of the day, mixes of even and relatively nice terrain crossed with 200m stretches of tough hiking.

We were making good time and had only another 90minutes of walking remaining when it started to snow, this wasn’t a problem until the wind then also decided to move from a steady breeze to strong gusts. This is normally not an issue, but silly old me decided that wearing shorts was a good idea as we trekked through sleet, snow and ferocious winds

But we finally arrived at our first campsite, here one can stay in the warm hut lodgings for 55 GBP each per night. Or you can find a little spot for your tent (which we put up as quickly as possible and clambered inside to escape the wind and snow) for just 7 GBP per night. We decided being the true adventurers we are, to camp the entire journey. After crawling inside and trying to get warm as quickly as possible, we heard the winds picking up and hoped that we had done enough to secure our tent. We didnt bother cooking or eating much that night, and shortly after jumping in to our sleeping bags, we had passed out for the night.



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