We awoke this morning with the gentle patter of rain on the tent. But the howling wind had subsided and the air around us seemed at peace. We decided to wait in the tent to see if the rain would pass,and luckily around 8am the clouds parted.

We packed the tent up, ate a breakfast of tuna, salami and biscuits and then headed out.

The terrain was a lot more forgiving on Day 2, we had a short climb at the start which gave probably the greatest view I have seen so far

From this view point the epicness of Iceland is revealed. Jutting snow capped mountains, glacial rivers and amazing greenery. 

We slowly ventured down to the river and took part in our first crossing. The water came up only to mid calf height, but boy it was cold. We finally scrambled across, dried our feet and continued on to our second campsite.

While the first one was in the mountains next to snow, this site was located next to a beautiful lake that was surrounded on three sides by large mountain walls

So after pitching  our tent, we walked around and enjoyed the beauty of the lake. We eventually climbed in to our tent around 9. But just as we did, the northern lights decided to come out and play, so we unzipped the tent and watched flickers or green and blue dance in the night sky 


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