We awoke on day three with the gentle pitter patter of rain falling on our tents roof. After a quick discussion with the rangers, we decided to delay for an hour and wait for the rain to pass. Surely enough it did and we strode off around 9am.

Today’s walking was relatively flat with the scenery changing from mountains to a dark sand like colour. The mixture of this dark flooring and green, snow capped mountains in the distance made for some lovely photos

We pushed past the black sand and eventually made our way to some rolling hills that seemed to stretch on forever. We would crest one and see another one in the distance that we had to climb. Eventually we made it to our campsite, where we pitched close to a running brook.

After setting up and a bite to eat, we then ventured out to explore the surrounding area. We were greeted with an amazing canyon, with mixes of swirling colour and mind boggling height

After starring at the natural beauty and enjoying the awe inspiring energy we headed back to our campsite, we chatted with a few of our hiking companions and discovered that to make our bus back to Rekjavik, we would need to be packed up and walking by 6:30am the next day. So off to bed we trundled, had a quick sneaky sip of some vodka we had brought with us on the adventure and then off to sleep we went.


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