When I visited Oslo it was in the middle of winter, snow and ice surrounded everything. But that only added to the Scandinavian feel of the place. 

Oslo itself is a rather small town with relatively good transport links by tram. There are certain things that you need to do in this beautiful harbour town. The first is to see their iconic opera house

Here, part of the harbour had frozen and it provided for a pretty cool picture. Being Australian, seeing other countries with cool and funky opera theatres is rather endearing. The difference with this one is that you can actually walk on to its roof. And the views from their are spectacular 

Another must see is the ski jump, it is located a little way out of the city. But a quick tram ride and a small uphill walk provides you with views of the jump.

It is still in regular use, so you may get lucky like we did and catch some people flying through the air.

This location also provides a fairly dramatic backdrop of Oslo and the surrounding areas as well

The only downside to Norway is the price. Be prepared to pay much more then you are used to for pretty much everything. But the quality of food and also coffee is very high, so enjoy your holiday and cry about your finances later. 

I would love to go back to this city in summer time to see the contrast the season’s have. But if you can grab some cheap flights in winter. I would definitely advise going to this beautiful city 


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