Well last Sunday, the girlfriend and I ventured out for a spot of hiking. We journeyed to the town of Lewes, which is located about an hour south of London. 

We arrived and followed the signs to the ruins of a priory. At almost 1000years old, it provided a good start to the day

From there we walked south west towards the small town of southease. After crossing a rather nice river, we journeyed up a steep hill and joined a section of the southdowns way.

From here we walked along the trail for another 7k stretch until we wandered in to the small village of Glynde. We stopped for lunch at a small pub with a large outdoor seating area. It was a fantastic meal, cooked on a bbq and served piping hot to the table. The Guinness washed down my burger superbly. 

After an hour we decided to hit the trail again and complete the final section of the walk. This also provided some wonderful views of the surrounding shire

We eventually returned to Lewes, stopped for a cider at a rooftop terrace with views of the castle and then journeyed home.

If you are after a long day hike near the London area. This one is very enjoyable. Total distance for our walking was 27k. There was the occasional hill but they where few and far between.


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