This summer I had the opportunity to spend a few days in the south of France. The flight from London was uneventful and we hired a car from the airport for the few days we where here.

We drove from Nimes to the small town of Cavallion of which would be our base. This was a gorgeous little town with a bustling cafe and restaurant strip.

In the town, there was a Roman arch still standing from 2000 years ago

The view from the small hill surrounding the town was also rather delightful

But the reason we travelled here was to see some amazing history. The first was the UNESCO site of Pont du Gard, this was an impressive aquaduct spanning across a rather large distance

The best part was that you could swim in the water beneath the aquaduct. It was refreshingly cold.

The second amazing part of this area is the lavender fields. Here the lavender is planted and grows to make for lovely photography

The third and final masterpiece of this area is the city of the popes. Here stands a monumental castle in which multiple popes where housed. It is found in the middle of Avignon and is just breathtaking 

But if you are in the area, don’t forget to tuck in to as much fresh fruit as you can. Here the cherries and strawberries grow plump and sweet


3 thoughts on “A journey near Nimes

    1. I love the cross 🙂 in general every time someone shows France or europe for that matter I really want to travel and explore :)!

      Thanks for sharing.

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