After avoiding Budapest last year due to immigration problems, we finally found a few days that fit it in to our schedule. Arriving at the airport, we jumped in to a cab and took a tour of the city on the way to our hotel. The taxi industry in Budapest is probably the best I have seen. It’s incredibly well regulated, they even give you an expected cost price before you get in the car. 

We arrived at our motel, dumped our stuff and went exploring. We headed to the castle district of the city, which provided amazing views of Buda. The main attraction was the decorativly roofed church

From there we walked south through the town until we wandered into the Hungarian baths. Here pampered ourselves as we sat in various hot pools and steam rooms. The tiling of the gilert was also incredible

After quite a few hours, we journeyed back to the motel, had a quick reprieve and tried some local Hungarian cuisine. 

The next two days where a blur of exploring incredible historical places while consuming some traditional Hungarian parlinka. 

But with spots like this located in the middle of the city. It’s hard for Budapest to not completely endear itself to you


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