Jersey is not just a state in the US but also an amazing little island located in the British Channel. Part of the UK but also it’s own independent country. It has its own currency, however everything is interchanged with normal pound sterling.

The island is beautiful and provided us with the first proper sandy beaches we had seen in over a year. The best way to get around is by car, but be prepared for some tight squeezes around corners.

The island is home to a wonderful little castle over viewing France. And is situated above a quaint little village that serves a rather good coffee

It was also the furthest point that the Nazi advancement reached during the second world war. Tunnels are dug throughout the island, as well as this amazing fortress

But for me the real splendor of this place was the nature, from random waterfalls we found while walking

To the numerous picturesque harbours dotted around the isle

So if your living in England and you fancy a quick getaway for the weekend, catch a flight to Jersey and enjoy the quietness that it holds


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