The lost city of Petra is one of those places that just takes your breath away. You enter the the town of Petra from the top and slowly make your way through a canyon that snakes down. Water irrigation has been carved in to the side of the cliff to bring water down to the city. You twist and turn for 20 minutes as the anticipation builds. And then finally, you turn once more and are greeted by the treasury. A simply breathtaking monument to man.

After being awestruck for quite some time, you venture to the right and start to realise how large the city of Petra truly is. Bedouins take up shop with traditional coffee and pretty sand formations in glass. Camel and donkey rides are offered as a way to travel around this place.

It even has an amphitheater carved in to the side of the mountain.

But if you only have a day to spend in this amazing city. Take the path towards the monastery. It’s a tough uphill walk that winds through treacherous overhangs. But the view is incredible. In fact it is probably my favorite place in the city. The treasury is amazing, but the monastery just blows you away. The sheer size of it can’t really be understood until you stand underneath it.


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