It was the 11th of December in London. Winter had truly arrived as we arrived at regents park in the morning.

We arrived, pinned our numbers to our shirts and then walked around briskly trying to keep warm.

Fortunately we didn’t have to wait to long before we had lined up and soon underway.

I had been battling a pretty reasonable chest infection, but fought through initial trouble of breathing and started to slowly work through the pack of people.

The race was going well, the sights where rather unique as we passed the royal zoo and saw camels striding around as we ran past.

I had a slight issue with my right leg, the muscle that wraps at the front of the shin started to become very tight and had slight cramping. But I changed my stride slightly and fought through the pain to end up finishing in a time of 46:54.

Pleased with the time considering how I felt before and during the run.

The race itself was well organised and I encourage anyone interested in having a run in London to sign up for the next winter run which will be at Hyde Park on the 29/01


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