The floating city of Venice sits in the north eastern part of Italy, and is renowned world wide for its beautiful canals.

The easiest way to access Venice is by Train. It delivers you directly to the heart of the floating town and has great public transport links. Try and book your tickets ahead of time, as they can get quite expensive if you’re only booking a couple of days in advance.

Upon arriving at the train station you are greeted with the main canal of Venice. Here ferries, private boats and even police and ambulance boats fly down the busy sections of water.

Venice is an amazing city to get lost in, the main street which follows the course of the main canal is always a busy mix of people and street vendors, but if you step in to an alley, suddenly the sounds of tourists are gone and you can embrace this wonderful city. Being in Italy, stunning food is never far away and fresh seafood, pastas and wines are all the rage.

In the main square of the town sits a large cathedral with shops and restaurants dotted either side. Pigeons fly around and will even perch themselves on your shoulders and arms if you approach them with food. The view from the square of the water is also wonderful.

Now if you get slightly bored of wondering around this city, you can always jump on a ferry to the island’s of Burano and Murano.

Murano famous for its glass making and shaping, of which you can watch glass masters do live demonstrations and enjoy their work of incredible skill and artistry.

Or the small fishing village of Burano, famous for its lace and brightly coloured houses that just dance in the summer sun

So take your time exploring this amazing seaside town, and at sunset grab yourself a beer or a cocktail at one of the many bars dotted near the canal. Grab a seat on the side of the canal and just enjoy this beautiful town.


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