For many people, heading to Wimbledon to watch the tennis is a bucketlist item. But what a lot of people don’t know, is that they have seats available for the main four arenas which can be bought on the day. However getting these tickets, you have to do what the English do better then most, and that is to form a queue.

And that is where things get interesting, so popular are these tickets that one must camp there the night before in hopes of snapping up these tickets.

So one Friday afternoon, the girlfriend and I trundled along with our tent in hand and joined the famous queue.

Here thousands of people were setting up their tents, when it got even more British and began raining. Fortunately our tent can be assembled quickly and soon we where inside, sipping a cider and listening to people struggling to put up their own tents.

Fortunately the rain passed and we got to go for a wander around the Wimbledon grounds. We returned to our tent where a party atmosphere was developing, that was until stewards came around and informed everybody that their tents would have to be packed away by 5:45am.

We decided after that news, that getting some sleep might be useful. So we attempted to grab some shut eye. Then at around 4 in the morning, people who decided camping was too much effort started to arrive and form their own queue behind the tents. This meant that the wake up call was not needed as more and more people arrived for a day of tennis. We eventually packed up our belongings, stored them in the available spaces and once again went back to queuing.

Here we waited for quite a few hours before we finally started to shuffle in to the complex itself. We passed numerous coffee stands along the way, serving life saving liquid to all those who needed before we recieved our tickets and headed in to the arena.

After waiting another couple of hours, we finally took our seats at our chosen court and indulged in some terrific tennis. We even enjoyed some strawberries and cream with a glass of Pimms.

It was a fantastic experience, that I would recommend everyone to do.


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