The first place that we camped in Europe was the beautiful German town of Freiburg. Located at the southern end of the black forest, it had everything a hiker would need, rolling hills, dense green forest and a myriad of walking trails just waiting to be explored.

We stayed at the “Camping Hirzberg” here the campsite accommodated tents and caravans and was a lovely mix of travelling campers and families on holidays. The campsite was a nice 15-20 minute walk along a running river from town, or a very short tram ride.

The campsite also had a wonderful outside dining brasserie attached to it that sold classic German food and delicious German beer at a very reasonable price.

But the main attraction of this campsite was its location, with the black forest directly behind us, and I mean directly behind us, to get to it we had to open a gate at the edge of the campsite and suddenly we were in the black forest.

So each morning we would wake up and either head west to ramble through the trails before arriving at freiburg or head east and walk for hours in the beautiful scenery. The paths where all well marked, with quite a few stops along the way for water breaks, lunch or even flushing toilets.


A few people wandered the trails, mostly locals enjoying some daily exercise, but for the most part we had the forest to ourselves.

The hiking was so good that we decided to stay an extra day to really enjoy the landscapes.

Our final day in Freiburg saw us ride a cable car to the top of a ski section, from there we had stunning views of Germany and could even make out Switzerland in the background. The hking in this area was also fantastic, flat for reasonable stretches as well as giving you the classic Bavarian landscapes we had been chasing.

The Gear:

Camping at a campsite in Freiburg, we didn’t need to rely on any specialist gear, we instead just had the basic equipment that accompanied us on our adventures, these included the following.

Vango Banshee 300 – This tent is amazing value, super light at just over 1kg and with a waterproof rating of 5000. While it may say it is a three man tent however, if you want your gear to be inside and out of the rain it is  two person.

Merrell Moab Mid Gore-Tex – While I wore a different pair of boots for my journey around Europe, if I had the choice of what to wear during my time here, I would opt for the slightly mre ventilated Moabs. They still have the great vibram sole and ankle supprt of a mid cut shoe, but tend to be lighter then the full leather version and a little bit more flexible for summer walking.



5 thoughts on “The Black Forest

  1. I’ve been a while ago in nearby camping am Moslepark – it was good fun as well. Although I must note that Freiburg and the whole of the Black Forest are in Baden-Württemberg, not in Bavaria.


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